Thursday, June 12, 2008

SEED: Hardest Working Band In Bakersfield? - By Jesse Rivera

I'm having a great time really just getting reacquainted with this wonderful Bakersfield Music Scene after being gone for a little while. I spent last week getting back in touch with bands I dug back in the day (I'm talking way back like 2004-2006 back!)

Most of the bands who were around then have broken up, their members splintering into a 100 new bands. Some of the members never even got back into bands. Some just play for themselves in garages with buddies. Bummer... Well lucky for me some of those old bands are still out there playing shows.

Tonight I'm going down to Sandrini's (1918 Eye St. Between 19th & 20th Streets) and get reacquainted with the reggae rocksteady, Californialiscious sounds of local Bakersfield band, SEED.

I remember I used to see these guys playing shows with all the local metal/hardcore bands doing all they could to spread their good vibe. Well most of those bands are gone now but SEED is still going strong. In the couple of years since I've seen them they have landed gigs and shared the stage not just with every local Bakersfield band who's ever played a show. But also with the likes Eek A Mouse, Pato Banton, The Mad Caddies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Digital Underground, and Afroman, just to drop a few names.

I caught up with SEED recently and asked them 5 Easy Questions!:

JR: Hey man, who all is in SEED and how do they get down?

SEED: Gary Rink is on bass. His style is like nothing you've ever seen and he always blows people away with his live performances and antics. He also teaches bass at Stockdale Music. Joel Henderson is on drums and has been with SEED for 4 years -- very jazzy and bluesy. He teaches drums as well. Chris Taylor on vox/guitar -- mostly a singer/songwriter but can still rip a solo, too. Chris also writes most of the SEED material.

JR: Is it true, SEED is the hardest working band in Bakersfield?

SEED: Well I dunno if it's true but it definitely feels like it! We play just about every weekend, sometimes 2 or 3 shows a week. On one hand we don't want people to get sick of us, but on the other hand, we can't say 'no' if someone asks for some SEED.

JR: I noticed on your Myspace, you have songs for sale. If I was gonna spend five bucks on some good SEED which five songs would you recommend I buy?

SEED: Well, if you're gonna spend some money on some songs, you should wait till our full length album comes out (shortly!) but if you must...Get Low is probably our most popular, Trenchtown has that rootsy feel, and if you're mad at 'the man' then The System is for you! Flirty Girl and Runaround are some good ones too.

JR: I'm trying to talk a friend of mine into going to your show tonight at Sandrini's. What should I tell them to expect from SEED live?

SEED: I'd say that your friend better be prepared to dance! People love to groove and shake to our reggae-rock style, especially after a couple of drinks. They'll enjoy many of our original songs as well as the recognizable cover tunes we do. Of course they would also be surprised at the full sound and energy that a 3-man band can produce.

JR: What local band is your favorite. You can name more then one if you'd like.

SEED: Our favorite local band? There's definitely more than one. the Travis Byler Project is always fun. Backup Johnny is cool. And you gotta love Mento Buru

If you can't make it down to Sandrini's tonight you can catch SEED tomorrow night (Friday the 13th!) at Fishlips or back at Fishlips on Saturday June 21st with Mento Buru opening up for Fishbone!!!


Lori F said...

I've seen SEED live several times and own their album, "Splatta". I never come away disappointed from a show and would put their music in my time capsule; they are remarkable!
Hope you enjoyed the show...

JR said...

To Lori F, yes I did enjoy the show very much. Chris is a phenominal guitarist I really enjoyed his solo's and how the whole band got into their own little groove. Good times fo sho!